And we're back!

Oh man, it has been a nice break! Now to the good and bad news, the break is over! Just around the corner is HHN XXI. You will start to see some more action here on the front page as the rumors surface (Wooo!) – Remember people, its only February!

I know it's not a "rumor" but Universal put out a new HHN survey a few days ago (and I also know how they feel about people posting about them) so I didn't really cover it. However you'll find more info about it within the forum discussions. Look in the normal places to find the link.

Some other big news! For those who haven't noticed, HorrorNightNightmares.com took the time to pick up where the vault left off! Congrats guys! I even found an awesome picture of myself and (some of) the HNN staff on their home page! (Good Times)


Hooray Pictures!


What else is new? Oh yeah…. I'm now a father! My son was born Feb 7 and all is well. I know you didn't come here to read about that though, so if you want to talk baby talk, you'll likely find me in the forum on the shoutbox from time to time.

Chad Burton

Hello, My name is Chad and I run HHNRumors. I'm a self described super fan of all things HHN. I've managed some high profile theme park blogs in the past, even been on the news for breaking stories. Yet, none of it compared to some fresh HHN Rumors.