Anon might be on to something here

Well, this rumor really changes things. A lot of it disproves/confirms past rumors. The source wished to remain anonymous (like most) and in this case, I can clearly see why. Here is the tip:


I'll break it down into details as to what I know for sure:

-8 houses, 8 scarezones.
-They are trying to use larger buildings rather than queues because a
lot of blueprints had to be altered last year as effects could not
operate in queues (due to space issues, safety issues, and regulatory
-There will not be a parade
-Rocky Horror is back
-Bill & Ted will be in T2:3D and will be a 4D show running more
frequently, but in shorter length.
-The houses will be anniversary houses of each icon, meaning that the
Director will have parts of his year's houses come back (just as an
-They will up the intensity this year, particularly in the streets.
-Streets will be more spaced out than last year, and larger. The
entrance, not the ticketing area, will be more immersive.
-The screen will come back near the gates, and the area will be
-This year will not have a new icon, but will be focused on that each
icon was living in the nearby area and came together to torture all
-Eddie will not come back, nor will Cindy. Maybe will be in Jack's /
Caretaker's house, not sure.
-The two remaining houses (6 icon houses) will be original, and
-Each house will have their own scarezone.
-Queue videos are back.


 There you have it, possibly the most informative tip i've received. Kinda kills the 10 houses rumor. 8/8 isnt bad either though. Not sad about the parade, and did they say multi-storied houses!?!? Very exciting stuff.


Edit: Not sure how much of this I buy…. would be a cool event but just kinda fishy.

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