Anon keeps it real – Part III

**UPDATE*** – I'm really unsure what IOA has to do with this   Well it looks like Anon has a lot of resources. I was given a link for that contained HHN 2010 information. So far this information adds up to the info I've been given. It appears that HHN will be open from […]

Yet another tip – Anon strikes again! Part II

 ***UPDATE*** – This rumor is false! I'm not sure what to say about this, I'm just as shocked as everyone else. Apparently permits for "Creatures" in SS22 have returned with a brand new file date. This could mean a lot of things. It might be to throw us off, it might be legit. I'm just […]

the first user submitted rumor

  This site hasn't even been open a full week and I'm already getting user submitted rumors. I guess that was the original goal of the site but i didn't expect it to happen so quickly. Well here it is plain and simple. It appears that Uni has renewed its trademark for "FESTIVAL OF THE […]

some more stuff

There have been some other rumors I thought I'd share. They aren't so much about the event but actually pre-event. As many know, the biggest problem Uni has the last few months before HHN is construction break-ins and people sneaking around backstage where they don't belong. Everyone will tell you its a bad idea, yet […]

The latest gossip

Although permits haven't been filed and code names haven't been gathered yet I've been hearing a lot of talk about this being a reunion year. Rumor status – Confirmed Of course this is going to be a reunion year. Just how will they go about it? Here is my take – each year was something […]