HHN 2014 Scare Zones Allegedly Leaked

2006 Blood Masquerade Logo

It seems we can never get enough rumors. Coming across them hasn’t gotten any easier either. As promised while posting about HHN 24’s rumored haunted house line up, here are some rumors and speculation on the scare zones for HHN 2014.

Rather than go with a holy budget let’s build a tank theme this year, it seems they’ve gone back to the more traditional route. Let’s take a quick look at what is expected in the streets this year.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Scare Zones

  • The Purge – New York
    Not sure if this will be based off of the upcoming and much needed sequel or if it’ll be a combo of both. When I first saw this movie I pictured this as more of a house. Can’t wait to see how they are going to pull this off.
  • Face Off “7” Style – Hollywood Blvd
    If this zone is to be similar to “7” then hopefully it’s done a bit better. I LOVE the concept of evolving scare zones but I think it just confuses the general public who still need a map, but this isn’t about them.
  • New Orleans Voodoo Zone with Witches & Gypsies – Central Park
    Without knowing more, it seems like a recycled Zombie Gras. Less zombies, same costumes. Just a guess.
  • “Japanese zone with some sort of Geishas.” – Sting Alley
    I highly doubt that is politically correct and I apologize. It’s exactly how it was told to me. Uncharted territory, could be fun. I’m a big fan of anything being done in Sting Alley. Unless it get’s a better spin, guest services should expect phone calls.
  • Bloody Masquerade Ball Zone – Plaza of the Stars
    I imagine this will be fairly similar to the 2006 scare zone, Blood Masquerade.

There is always a possibility of more zones popping up throughout the event. I’m sure they’ll want to have something on the back end of the park. As more info becomes available, I’ll be sure to post! Otherwise, feel free to continue the speculation in the forums.

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