HHN Website Updated Again! **UPDATE** LT TOO!

Today the Halloween Horror Nights website updated. This time it has finished "developing" the images that appear once you click on the lantern. What to make of these images? I'll let you figure that out in the HHNRumors Forum. The update also has finished off the "archive" site by bringing us the last tab, Behind The Screams. What's next on the list?

Check out the developed and decompiled images here: https://hhnrumors.com/hhnimages/

For high-resolution images, I suggest following UORNews on twitter. (Right after you follow HHNRumors of course)


It appears Legendary Truth has updated too! This time they bring us more images for what appears to be a GIANT puzzle. Hopefully now, with more pieces, it will actually come together a bit easier. Here are the new pictures: AR081810 – Be sure to submit your version of the puzzle on the forum

Chad Burton

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