Scary Tales returns to HHN in Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After

It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper Scary Tales haunted house and I suspect that Art and Design agrees. Which is why I’m happy to say that today, Universal Orlando announced Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After. Much like all of the previous Scary Tales incarnations, your childhood is ruined, immediately. All of the fairy tales and children’s stories you heard growing up have changed and are now very dark and demented. In Deadly Ever After, Scary Tales tackles Oz. The Wicked Witch of the West has taken over and twisted all of the stories beyond recognition. As the house title suggests, you won’t live happily ever after.

Also released, some banners that will no doubt be used in the house. You can see the Three Little Pigs who really don’t look very little, the wicked witch who I believe is quite wicked, and of course Humpty Dumpty. I’m sure you can guess what will happen to him.

Halloween Horror Nights runs select nights at Universal Orlando Resort. Tickets are on Sale now. Be sure to visit for more information

Chad Burton

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