Some old rumors

So what if I was the original source! lol

  • All icons/major characters from the past (Practically confirmed)
  • More than 8 houses (some say as many as 16) – Rumor
  • Scarezones from the past – Rumor with some truth
  • Open more nights – Not too much of a stretch but still a rumor
  • Switching up the shows – Rumor

All icons/major characters from the past, thats an easy one. Not only were they teased at HHN19, it just makes sense and its cheap.

More than 8 houses – For HHN19, 2 houses were sponsored by Fangoria. This means Universal has money for 2 extra houses. I put my money on 10 for this year.

Scarezones from the past – Much like the icons, this is an easy move for Universal because all of the props/costumes are sitting in storage ready to be used.

Open more nights – This is a big year for HHN, why not capitalize. They are saving money by reusing props/costumes/ideas/houses? why not spend that money on workers to keep it open more nights. Maximize the use of the money.

Switching up the shows – Because this is a reunion year things could be very different for shows. Some shows might just need a change of venue to accomodate other houses near by.

Chad Burton

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