NEW!! HHNORLANDO Snapchat account reveals secrets!

Recently, a new snapchat account, HHNOrlando, has surfaced. I know what you are thinking, finally some quick shots around the houses that will hold us over a few more months. Well, it’s kind of true. Currently, the snapchat story depicts one of UOR’s social media team members, Matt, sneaking around one of the tent mazes. […]

Michael Myers is back for more at Halloween Horror Nights 26

Just because we saw Michael Myers “die” in the original Halloween slasher movie and again during HHN24 doesn’t mean that he actually died… It’s actually quite far from the truth. Which is exactly why Michael will be returning to Haddonfield at Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood to finish what he’s started. Just like the original […]

A new era, a new icon. Chance to headline HHN26.

For the longest time, HHN wasn’t a thing without an Icon. We’ve had Jack, Caretaker, Storyteller, and even the Usher. Fear even came into form for HHN XX. The early icon years are known as the “Icon Era” and were truly genius. The event grew rapidly during these years in what appears as A/B testing […]

The Walking Dead returns for Halloween Horror Nights 26

The Walking Dead is back for HHN26. Universal has paired up once again with AMC to bring us what appears to be a “best of” version of the popular HHN staple that is The Walking Dead. Guests will be able to experience all of the iconic moments and zombies from all seasons of the hit […]

The Walking Dead Attraction Open Date Set for Hollywood

Finally we have some more information for the new “The Walking Dead” year round attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. From the sounds of it, they are working VERY closely with horror legend, Greg Nicotero, on making this as authentic of an experience as possible. After all, you’d think after working on the same zombie themed […]