Halloween Seasonal Experiences – More Dates Announced!

On Sept 18-20, Universal Orlando ran a Halloween Seasonal Experiences Test for it’s daytime park guests. The most notable test was that they included access to 2 of the 10 Halloween Horror Nights houses, Bride of Frankenstein: Lives! and The Revenge of the Tooth Fairy, at no additional charge. It was most definitely a hit.

Universal’s Heavily Themed HHN Tribute Store Expands

A few weeks back, Universal Orlando opened the doors to the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store in the New York section of the theme park. Guests entering the first, circus themed room, would be greeted by none other than Jack the clown and see Oddfellow’s Dark Carnival which included (some of) the HHN Icons. Diving […]

HHN Tribute Store – NOW OPEN

As we salvage what we can from 2020, there is a glimmer of hope. The Halloween Horror Nights tribute store is now open! This scareactor-free store sets the mood of what would have been HHN30, in the 2 currently open rooms (more on that in a bit) you come face to face with the infamous […]

Universal Studios Cancels Halloween Horror Nights 2020

Just announced, Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood have cancelled their Halloween Horror Nights 2020 event that was to take place this fall. The rumor had been floating around on twitter for a number of weeks now about Hollywood being cancelled, but now officially they have cancelled both coasts. Clearly, COVID-19 is to blame for the […]

Could we see a Halloween Horror Nights movie? Jason Blum says yes!

We all know that Blumhouse and Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights go hand in hand. Often times, Horror Nights going above and beyond to cater to the horror powerhouse and including the latest flavor in the event. What if the tables were turned and Blumhouse were to make a movie about Halloween Horror Nights? It turns […]