AOV Returns and Scare Zones of HHN27 revealed!

Finally something good to report on! Today Universal has announced that the high energy dance group, Academy of Villains, is back for Halloween Horror Nights 27. They also revealed the 5 scare zones that we will encounter throughout the event and it looks pretty promising. We’ve got a good spread here too, 2 of the […]

Universal Cancels Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure Show

This is likely the saddest thing I’ve had to report on in my years of HHN. Yesterday morning Universal Orlando announced that Bill and Ted would return this year for their farewell tour. There has already been tons of speculation as to why the show is ending, some involve the demolition of Fear Factor Live […]

House Announcement: JIGSAW joins the cast of HHN27

Just when you thought it couldn’t happen again, he want’s to play a game. By “he”, I mean the one and only Jigsaw of the ever popular and apparently never-ending Saw franchise. Let’s just say that I’m a big fan of the Saw movies, even so much as to buy little action figures and even […]

Shelby Denham Art Giveaway Brought to you by HHNRumors

If you love HHN, you’ve likely seen @shelbydenhamart‘s work. She’s designed cast shirts as well as many HHN themed pieces. We were lucky enough to get our hands on 5 of the SOLD OUT, in demand, HHN Icons 17×11 prints and we are giving them away.


Hail to the Chin! Today Universal has blessed us with a form of something we’ve been asking for since they started using IPs at HHN. We’ll finally be able to start lollygagging with our favorite chainsaw for hand horror icon, Ash Williams. Ash vs Evil Dead, the television continuation of the Evil Dead on Starz […]