New original haunted house announced for Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 28: Seeds of Extinction. In this house your worst nightmare is taking shape, vegetables have taken over and it’s all that is for dinner. Well, maybe not vegetables for dinner, it’s actually worse and quite the opposite. In this post-apocalypse house, humans are long gone […]

New Original House Announcement: Slaughter Sinema

Today’s announcement of the newest Horror Nights Haunted House: Slaughter Sinema, brings a familiar 80’s horror B-movie vibe to our 80’s themed event. Slaughter Sinema takes place at the local drive-in (or perhaps DIE-IN) and will feature all of the cliche 80s horror movie staples. We’ll get to go face first into some original concepts […]

Original Scare Zones Announced for HHN28

Today was a very giving day by Universal Orlando. It’s possible they are being nice because it’s their birthday (Happy Birthday UO!) or it could just be a big coincidence, but I like to think it’s because it’s their birthday. In addition to the new website, new ticket options going on sale, announcing 10 houses, […]