New Original House Announcement: Slaughter Sinema

Today’s announcement of the newest Horror Nights Haunted House: Slaughter Sinema, brings a familiar 80’s horror B-movie vibe to our 80’s themed event. Slaughter Sinema takes place at the local drive-in (or perhaps DIE-IN) and will feature all of the cliche 80s horror movie staples. We’ll get to go face first into some original concepts […]

Original Scare Zones Announced for HHN28

Today was a very giving day by Universal Orlando. It’s possible they are being nice because it’s their birthday (Happy Birthday UO!) or it could just be a big coincidence, but I like to think it’s because it’s their birthday. In addition to the new website, new ticket options going on sale, announcing 10 houses, […]

New Website Reveals A Record breaking 10 Houses for HHN28

I really didn’t see this one coming. Just announced: 10 houses for Halloween Horror Nights 28 at Universal Studios Orlando. We were given a fancy new website to look at today, too. It reminds me a bit of yesteryear for many reasons. For starters, the focal point is an old TV tuned to channel 28 […]

Academy of Villains Returns for Third Year at Halloween Horror Nights

Today Universal announced that the fan favorite, high energy dance group, Academy of Villains (AoV) will be returning for a third year at HHN28. They’ll be doing a brand new show which you know will bring the wow factor. With the recent vacancy at Fear Factor Live and complications last year with Hurricane Irma, we […]


It’s graduation season and Horror Nights is no different. Today Universal announced the return of last year’s fan favorite scare zone, Trick ‘r Treat. It was perfect as a central park street and this year Universal has decided they want to give it the full treatment in the form of a haunted house in Orlando […]