Lots of rumors flying around

       I've gotten quite a few emails, IMs and even text messages from lots of new people who all have rumors to submit to the site. First off, how in the heck did you get my number? Creepy. Here is the run down of what has been coming in. Uni has put out […]

Anon keeps it real – Part IV

   Anon is quite a powerful force. This time Anon has sent in the house location for this years event. It only helps contribute to the 10 house rumor that was posted a while back. Here is the breakdown: Soundstage 20 (x2) Soundstage 23 Soundstage 24 (x2) Jaws Queue Disaster Queue Parade Building Sprung Tent […]

Naming Conventions

Well, the latest hhn rumor floating around is the house names….well, sorta. Its the house naming convention! Naming convention just sounds funny to me. It makes me think of a South Park type skit, but thats not the point. Here is how i'm told the houses will be named! Ripped from the Silver Screen: The […]

Rumors and Updates

I've been working on the site a bit recently. It needed it. You might have noticed a few new pages. The "Add Me" page and the "Chat" page. They are quite obvious as to what they are. Add Me contains some various size banners that can be spammed around the internet. The Chat pages contains […]

The Google Factor

  Uni does a little house keeping to their form page. As you can see in the image the title bar has been updated to "2010" – Not a big update or an update at all, but it shows they are hard at work getting ready for this year's event.Thanks to Google! Shouts to Firefox. […]