T.J. Gives a clue

Attendees to the HAuNTcon event at Uni last night were in for a treat. T.J. was begged and begged about HHN20 information and eventually gave in to announcing 1 clue for the event. Everyone quickly shut up and he said simply this: "arts & crafts move" What does that mean? It's been speculated to mean […]

A little house keeping

Went to the Entertainment Design Forum held at Mad Cow Theater last night. It was a blast! Pretty much anyone with answers to HHN questions was there. Sadly, for obvious reasons they couldn't talk about HHN 20. According to some tweets, we were able to raise over $5,000 towards cancer research! In other news! HHNRumors […]

Anon might be on to something here

Well, this rumor really changes things. A lot of it disproves/confirms past rumors. The source wished to remain anonymous (like most) and in this case, I can clearly see why. Here is the tip:   I'll break it down into details as to what I know for sure: -8 houses, 8 scarezones. -They are trying […]

HHN Dates and USF Confirmed

Finally something with meat! Anon has stepped his game up yet again. This time Anon emailed someone at Uni asking for dates/times so that he could book tickets to fly over for the event. I can't blame anon for doing this because in years past we typically have the park hours posted online by now. […]

NLC back in the mix!

  I know the last few posts have really sparked quite a debate over at the vault. This should/could clear up the NLC stuff. As stated in the previous tip, anon needed to contact Warner Bros. for info on the big 3. Well, anon contacted someone and they clearly stated that the 3 year deal […]