NLC Gets Slashed

I received a tip from someone who was phishing for information from someone that appears to be a President of a company in New York. They were fishing for info about NLC characters returning to HHN. Here is the tip exactly as it was given to me (except in image form):   As you can […]

There truly is something about Mary…

Well, I haven't posted anything in a while. I've actually been googling the interwebz quite a bit lately and haven't found anything worth posting. Thats not what I'm talking about today though. I was chatting with anon on AIM the other day and he suggested I email the owner of the rights to "Bloody Mary". […]

Anon keeps it real – Part V

Ok, so anonymous sent in the supposed house locations a few posts back. Well, anon has done some research and has come back to me with the results. I'm not sure why I haven't thought of doing this myself but kudos to anon. Here is the setup: Anon writes USFPG an email asking about the […]

Lots of rumors flying around

       I've gotten quite a few emails, IMs and even text messages from lots of new people who all have rumors to submit to the site. First off, how in the heck did you get my number? Creepy. Here is the run down of what has been coming in. Uni has put out […]

Anon keeps it real – Part IV

   Anon is quite a powerful force. This time Anon has sent in the house location for this years event. It only helps contribute to the 10 house rumor that was posted a while back. Here is the breakdown: Soundstage 20 (x2) Soundstage 23 Soundstage 24 (x2) Jaws Queue Disaster Queue Parade Building Sprung Tent […]