Naming Conventions

Well, the latest hhn rumor floating around is the house names….well, sorta. Its the house naming convention! Naming convention just sounds funny to me. It makes me think of a South Park type skit, but thats not the point. Here is how i'm told the houses will be named! Ripped from the Silver Screen: The […]

Rumors and Updates

I've been working on the site a bit recently. It needed it. You might have noticed a few new pages. The "Add Me" page and the "Chat" page. They are quite obvious as to what they are. Add Me contains some various size banners that can be spammed around the internet. The Chat pages contains […]

The Google Factor

  Uni does a little house keeping to their form page. As you can see in the image the title bar has been updated to "2010" – Not a big update or an update at all, but it shows they are hard at work getting ready for this year's event.Thanks to Google! Shouts to Firefox. […]

Never got around to posting this

    You might remember when I released code names last year. There were MANY doubters. It also didn't help that there were fake code names floating around that were based off of nothing. I know this video has been online for a long time now, I just never got around to posting on the […]

The Google Factor

  The Google factor is as simple as it sounds. Whenever SkyNet/Google brings something interesting to the table, I'll post it. I'm a big fan of Google and these posts serve as proof of its power. Today Google has unearthed what appears to be an HHN  book. However it's unknown if the book is an […]