Conference Call (with audio!)

First off, I'd like to say thank you to A&D for allowing me to be a part of the conference call that took place August 26, 2010. I'm honored that I was even considered for the call. I was planning on doing an in depth analysis of the call, but unfortunatley right after the call, I was involved in a car accident that thankfully wasn't my fault. Everyone is fine (including our car, which was odd), but I'm literally stuck in bed. I didn't want to leave the fans without info, so i'm going to refer you over to a few others who were in on the same call.

I'm sure there were many others in on the call and feel free to link yourself in the comments. Here is (the majority) of the audio from the call https://hhnrumors.com/conferencecall.mp3 (if for any reason this needs to come down, please email me) Enjoy that hold music!

Something else has popped up on the forums too! User Matt has created an interactive fan based map for this years event based off of the 2008 map. I thought it was pretty cool. Click here to check it out.

Chad Burton

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