Hello from the shadows guys!

Hi Guys,  just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Joe and I am one of series of spies employed by Chad to find the latest and juiciest news for hhnrumors.com.

Chad is going on vacation very soon and has asked me assist him in updating the site to keep our readers update with all the latest news. 

We have some really interesting stuff coming right up, so please stay tuned and if you know anything or have any suggestions please email me at joe@hhnrumors.com.

Shadowy Joe.

p.s. Remember: you heard it here first! 


UPDATE: The twitter will be updated exactly the same while I am gone. For those who care, I'm getting married!!!!!! I didn't want a silly thing like that to keep me from getting the news to you guys, and Joe has been a pretty big contributer to the site and was willing to contribute even more.

Thanks again Joe!

–Chad B.

Chad Burton

Hello, My name is Chad and I run HHNRumors. I'm a self described super fan of all things HHN. I've managed some high profile theme park blogs in the past, even been on the news for breaking stories. Yet, none of it compared to some fresh HHN Rumors.