Lots of rumors flying around




 I've gotten quite a few emails, IMs and even text messages from lots of new people who all have rumors to submit to the site. First off, how in the heck did you get my number? Creepy. Here is the run down of what has been coming in. Uni has put out a survey in regards to different levels of express passes for the event. Sadly I see this happening. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but they love the almighty dollar just as much as the rest of us and you really can't blame them.

 I've had a couple readers tell me that the Horror Nightmares house will return. to the point where I needed to comment on it. The Vault has a mysterious power of filling my inbox these days. Here are my thoughts: much like Creatures and the parade, it will probably come back, in one form or another.

 I think I'm missing something else! Oh yeah, everyone is wanting me to correct my "debunked" rumors with updates. I'll consider it. 😛

Chad Burton

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