More Construction!


More Construction


Our resident construction photographer and new forum moderator, Cavalry, has done it again! Today he brought us the latest construction update! In his forum post he mentions that Disaster's extended queue has now been blocked off and that the privacy curtains have been put up. He also noted some wall type structures that were put up to obstruct view.

While he was over by JAWS he was able to watch them put up a few walls where he normally takes construction photos. Not the most exciting thing, but its always fun to see the construction.

He was also able to spot the esqueleto muerte poles next to the sprung 2 facade. Although they were there, it doesn't necessarily mean they will be used. 

Apparently he was there at the right time because he also was able to catch a glimpse of the parade building facade that was being moved indoors. Unfortunately the trees blocked the pics. 

Be sure to check out the forums for more construction pictures and info!


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