New original haunted house announced for Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 28: Seeds of Extinction. In this house your worst nightmare is taking shape, vegetables have taken over and it’s all that is for dinner. Well, maybe not vegetables for dinner, it’s actually worse and quite the opposite. In this post-apocalypse house, humans are long gone due to a meteor (code name) and the vegetation has taken over. The plants are hungry and we are now the low hanging fruit. Yes, the vegetables that should be for dinner now have us on the plate. The vines may strangle you as you are attracted to the glowing blooms. Anyone got any Round-Up or weed killer?

Kids, eat your vegetables. Halloween Horror Nights 28 is shaping up to be one of the greatest lineups since the icon era. HHN28 runs select nights September 14 – November 3 and tickets are on sale now. For more information and tickets be sure to check out the official HHN website

Chad Burton

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