Permits still have power

Permits are a tricky thing. They have to go through a rather large approval process, when this happens, things are exposed. In this case we were able to get a few scene names for a couple houses. Although it isn't much information, this may be considered a spoiler, so beware!

5. Medusa/Gorgon
7.Army of Hades
Sprung 1:
9. Museum Hallway
Sprung 2:
3. Observation Deck.
Parade Building
1. Vortex
9. Rat Lady Corridor

It looks like SS23 is some sort of Greek house? Sprung 1 could possibly be a lot of things… No clue one Sprung 2 but the Parade building appears to be a HHN History type house using the vortex to take us "back in time" – Don't they have a DeLorean they aren't using? Sadly that's it for now. Thanks to Nick for the tip.

It also looks like they are having some issues with the size of the Stairs at scene 1 entry of SS22 – could this be the entrace of 1428 Elm Street? Its a stretch but if you remember the entrance to that house the stairs were right at the front.

Chad Burton

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