Place Your Bets!

HHN 21 Logo
Today the teaser website has been updated! We see what appears to be a casino/gambling theme. It makes perfect sense for the 21st year. Could this be the beginning of "Black Jack" or will you take a "Chance" with the icon?  Not much more is known about this years event. Check out the update on the official site: http://halloweenhorrornights.com/orlando
Up next, the media site!
Also, my wife  and I make  a split second appearance in the teaser video.  See if you can see her sporting her Rumors shirt. (Hint, we are walking into the Legendary Truth facade) or click here to see us!

Chad Burton

Hello, My name is Chad and I run HHNRumors. I'm a self described super fan of all things HHN. I've managed some high profile theme park blogs in the past, even been on the news for breaking stories. Yet, none of it compared to some fresh HHN Rumors.