Website Update Schedule?

This morning has been rather busy for rumors. I guess I should expect that for Friday the 13th. This one seems rather interesting. It appears that anon has gotten their hands on the website update schedule…. Although nothing is definite until the updates are actually posted. This timeline should serve well though, even if it is fan made. 

July 20-26 – Characters
July 27- August 2 – Environments
August 3-9 – Behind the scenes 1
August 10-16 – Behind the scenes 2
August 17-23 – Behind the scenes 3
August 24-26 – Behind the scenes 4
Aug 27 – Full Reveal

Another birdy has suggested that the website will update TODAY! Featuring 5 new photos! One of them will confirm Cindy's Orphanage, and two of them are to be character sketches. However, anon couldn't quite remember the other two photos. They also claimed it was supposed to go live yesterday. So we will see what happens!

Chad Burton

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