HHN23 Employee Preview Review

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HHN23 Entance

HHN23 Entrance

It’s epic HHN Employee Preview review time, with NO spoilers. Read on without worries!

Before I start, let me preface with this disclaimer: I am a die-hard Halloween Horror Nights fan. I’ve attended 11 of the past 13 events, I collect the merchandise, and I always monitor the web (see what I did there?) for the latest HHN Rumors.

With that said, I am not a Horror Movie fan.

What? Crazy, I know.

Despite being hardcore when it comes to Horror Night houses, I’m a complete chicken when it comes to scary movies. So when you have an event like HHN 23 that is extremely IP heavy, it leaves chickens like me at a big disadvantage regarding backstory and the general knowledge necessary to really enjoy the event.

So with that out of the way, I present to you my review of Preview Night at HHN23!

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HHN23 Media Teaser Gift

HHN23 Media Teaser Gift

For the past few years, Fedex would come knocking on my door delivering the craziest things from Universal to my door step. Thankfully they come in a unmarked box and the delivery driver doesn’t think I’m crazy. However, I forgot to update my address with Universal and the result was my media gift being sent to my old house.

Thankfully, my old house hasn’t sold yet and/or no one is renting it so we were able to drive by and snatch it up. But imagine if we were too late and the would-be homeowner decided to open it, I don’t think words could express their confusion? I would love to see that. I picture it playing out something like “Oh a package from NBCUniversal, I wonder if it’s a movie prop or tickets to the park, etc.” Then they proceed to open it up and it turns into a “OMG! I NEED TO CALL THE COPS” kind of moment. Then I guess they’d bury it in their yard.

Unfortunately I don’t have the unboxing video online yet, but I do have a picture. I’ll have the video later! HHN23 opens at Universal Studios on the 20th and we’ll be there documenting everything we can. Also, we will have coverage from the Employee Preview event that takes place tonight! So be sure to follow us on Twitter @HHNRumors

HHN23 Media Night Part 2: The Walking Dead

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HHN23 Media Preview Bus Trip!

HHN23 Media Preview Bus Trip!

As you may have saw, I was able to attend the HHN23 Media Preview event last Tuesday. I left off in part 1 where we were on our way to The Walking Dead house. This is where things got fun. They had us all head outside for transportation to the parade building. You may remember previously how excited I was to finally step inside of SS33, now I’m walking around backstage and no one said a word about having cameras or anything of the sort to the media. Having known quite a few people that work at the park, taking pictures of ANYTHING backstage is not only frowned upon, but a punishable offense, typically termination. So now you have the media backstage with all of their camera gear and no one saying anything about not taking pictures. Continue reading “HHN23 Media Night Part 2: The Walking Dead” »

Video from the Media Preview event for HHN23

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Still not sure what happened with the camera. However, the video was split. Sorry about that. However, I did manage to get awesome 1080p footage! Below you will see my second walk through of The Walking Dead. Unfortunately I’m still a bit new with the camera and didn’t turn night vision on. I know, I totally blew it with a huge missed opportunity. Sadly there aren’t any do overs.

My “The Walking Dead” house review will follow later. So keep on looking for that. In case you missed it, I did review the media event where this footage was taken. Be sure to check that out.

HHN 23 Media Preview Part 1

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Sound Stage 33 Entrance

Sound Stage 33 Entrance

Last night I was treated, along with other media outlets, to a “media preview” event for Halloween Horror Nights 23. In years past, this would typically take place over in Cafe la Bamba and cover most of the cool things you’d get to see if you were to take one of the Unmasking the Horror tours. This year was a little different. Gone are the days of Cafe la Bamba. We’ve easily outgrown that building, plus let’s be honest, the A/C is horrible in there. So the event was held in Sound Stage 33. I’d never been in 33, I’ve always seen the building with it’s movie theater style marquee taunting me while I wait hours in line for a haunted house. Finally! I can die a happy man. Okay, maybe I took it a bit far, but as a theme park fan, going in new buildings at the park that others haven’t is a huge deal.

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