HHN Hollywood to get An American Werewolf in London maze

An American Werewolf In London HHN 2014

Hollywood is getting An American Werewolf in London, jelly! Quite possibly my favorite maze from years past. So if you are heading to Hollywood, don’t miss it! 

John Landis, the famed director of the movie, said “The team at Universal Studios Hollywood has gone to great lengths to recreate the mood and details of the movie.” He went on to say, “The true test for guests will be to see if they are able to endure the scares lurking throughout the maze – rather than screaming from room to room. I want them to really absorb the elaborate sets, make-up and special effects custom designed for this experience.”

Don’t underestimate the special effects, they will haunt you later! I don’t want to give any spoilers but puppeteer is now a scary word.   

Chad Burton

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