HHN Ticket Prices Soar, Break $100 Mark

Going to HHN this year just got a bit more expensive. Rumor has it that the price of a single night ticket without any discounts will cost $102 plus tax. That’s a $6 increase over the same ticket last year. Frequent Fear Pass Plus (without discount) is still at an affordable rate of $111 plus tax which will get you back to the event numerous times. Remember, until Universal officially releases ticket prices, this is all just speculation and subject to change. Some other notable ticket options are as follows:

  • Single Night Admission (No Discount) – $102
  • FFP (No Discount) – $95
  • FFP+ (No Discount) – $111
  • Rush of Fear (No Discount) – $84
  • Single Night Admission Non Peak (FL Res Coupon/Annual Pass) – $50
  • Single Night Admission Friday (FL Res Coupon/Annual Pass) – $61
  • Single Night Admission Saturday (FL Res Coupon/Annual Pass) – $77
  • FFP (Annual Pass) – $84
  • FFP+ (Annual Pass) – $99
  • Rush of Fear (Annual Pass) – $73

Express passes have supposedly gone up to $130 a night. YIKES! They have also supposedly introduced a new after 10pm express pass that will be around $70. I imagine the ticket price increase is due to adding the 9th house and it’s an anniversary year. Will we see another rate hike again next year? What will justify the added expense?

Chad Burton

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