HHN25 Construction Permit

HHN25 Construction Permit

Since we are having 9 houses this year, the permit was going to be pretty important. Everyone has an assumption of where that 9th house will be. The consensus is that the new location will be a sprung tent that will pop up somewhere. Top sleuthing has resulted in aerials and even Google maps of a speculated location behind MIB but no permits have been filed for this location.

The HHN permit was going to clear this all up, but somehow they’ve figured out how to roll it all in to one giant permit filing and didn’t have to disclose any house locations this year. Well played. Now we wait for the permit review for some clues to pop up. Typically we get a few scene names and occasionally a house code name.  I believe tents only take around a week to construct so it should be showing itself soon. It should also have it’s own permit.

Chad Burton

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