RUMOR: Jack’s New Look and HHN25 Shows

Jack's New Look Mock Up

At this point, you shouldn’t be surprised that I’m now posting the shows. Even though I wish I could confirm this were true, it’s all just rumors.

  1. The Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
  2. An American Tail Theatre – I’m told no RHPS this year
  3. Mel’s/Central Park – Jack will have a show (probably carnival of carnage style)

I’m also told we should be seeing a new side of Jack. He will not be dressed in his usual clown suit or his ringmaster garb. It will be an entirely new look. I can only imagine it’ll be some sort of dark pinstriped suit. Granted, I have no proof to go on, it just sounded cool. I can’t really envision many more realistic outfits though. The other thought that came to mind was a used car salesman vibe. Neither really make sense because everyone knows evil clowns don’t work.

Mock-up is simply just that… a mock up.

Chad Burton

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