RUMOR: HHN25 Scare Zones List

hhn streets

Now that we know what houses to expect for Halloween Horror Nights 25, why not let everyone know what scare zones to expect? There is rumored to be 6 stationary zones and 2 roaming hoards but these things can change pretty quickly. Here is the break down:

  1. Plaza of the Stars – Scary Tales meets Steampunk
  2. New York – Psychoscareapy – Inmates have escaped and taken over a fall festival type event and have killed all the carnies. Supposedly this zone will include a costume contest throughout the night
  3. Central Park – This will feature the traditional central park theming. Expect to see kids, pumpkins and Halloween origins.
  4. Hollywood – Photo op “Icon Zone” much like “7” and “Face Off”
  5. San Francisco (I’m told this zone was originally to take place at Mel’s. ) – All Night Die In. Half the cast will be black and white movies and the other in color. Similar to 2009’s Horrorwood.
  6. South St – Hellgate. I’m told that this theme may have already been scrapped.

Roaming – One in MIB and one around the lagoon. At least one is chainsaws but you already knew that. One will be all male and other all female.

There ya have it! We have what appears to be one awesome event. I haven’t been this excited for HHN since 2010!

Featured image credit Nick Chandler.

Chad Burton

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