HHN Warehouse Exxperience

How to win the mini games:
I'd say this one is pretty self explanitory. Just match them up as seen in the picture (plus the last one).
Wait until the ghost is directly in front of the statue as seen in the image above, then snap the pic.
This one has been hit or miss. Balancing this boat has been EXTREMELY easy on my computer(s) however I've heard that people have the most difficult time with this. Use your mouse across the entire flash document to balance the sinking ship. I've even kept my mouse perfectly still and won this one with ease. Your mileage may vary.
This was a neat game. I personally have a microphone on my computer(s) and it was rather interesting. The goal is to keep a steady beat (sing, unless you are me and can't) and keep the line green throughout the game.I found it easiest to tap on the microphone (or a distance away from the microphone) to keep it in the green. I've also found that my desk fan works wonders for this one. Those without microphones can use their mouse to click and keep it green.
Arguably the most troublesome to beat. This mini game requires you to turn the crank on the record player (or whatever antique this is).  The goal is to keep the meter in the green throughout the entire game. I found that rather than turning the crank full circle, its easier to go up and down with it.
beat them all and you will see this:
Click the latest piece of the "symbol" to see the outro video which is, in my opinion, the explanation as to how the icons tie in to bringing Fear about as this years icon. Check the video below:

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