HHN XX Map and Construction Pix

Today I was able to make it over to Universal to see the construction first hand. I also made sure to go to guest services to snag a HHN XX event map. The format for this map wasn't like any other park map I've received. For starters, it wasn't folded or anything, it was just a front and back piece of paper. It reminded me of the Employee Preview maps (Which were actually in black and white photocopies last year). I made sure to scan it in so we could have a nice high resolution version of the map.


I also took 51 pictures from around the park showing off the latest construction of the new front arch screen as well as the updated "XX" in front of Mel's/Central Park. Those can be seen here: http://img14.imageshack.us/g/dscn1191hs.jpg/

Chad Burton

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