House Announcement: JIGSAW joins the cast of HHN27

Just when you thought it couldn’t happen again, he want’s to play a game. By “he”, I mean the one and only Jigsaw of the ever popular and apparently never-ending Saw franchise. Let’s just say that I’m a big fan of the Saw movies, even so much as to buy little action figures and even a Saw polo shirt (seen here) and possibly have a couple movie posters hanging in my office, so when I heard that Saw was back at HHN I was more than excited.

This isn’t the first time we’ve experienced Saw at Halloween Horror Nights, back in 2009 we were given the opportunity to experience the games of Jigsaw in the old Jaws Queue. This time, we’ll be entering into the new movie JIGSAW, as well as some of the classic games from the franchise. If you’ve been following the series you will know that Jigsaw died a long time ago but somehow he is back. Not much is known about the new movie but expect this house to bring lots of spoilers. As you could imagine, we are now contestant’s in Jigsaw’s latest game.

Press release to follow:

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., ORLANDO, Fla. (August 14, 2017) – The SAW series – one of the highest grossing horror film franchises of all time – makes its return to “Halloween Horror Nights,” bringing the blockbuster’s most terrifying traps to life in an all-new original maze opening at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort, beginning September 15, 2017.

Based on the Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures hit horror film franchise, “SAW: The Games of Jigsaw” will bring to life the scariest game yet. In this all-new maze guests will come face-to-face with the work of master craftsman “Jigsaw” and a collection of his most infamous traps from the SAW film series and upcoming eighth installment JIGSAW.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering again with Universal Studios on an immersive experience that celebrates everything that our SAW fans love,” said Lionsgate Senior Vice President of Global Live and Location Based Entertainment Jenefer Brown. “The maze features the most terrifying traps that made the SAW franchise such a Halloween tradition, including some of the best from our upcoming film JIGSAW. What better way to complement the film’s release this Halloween than taking audiences into the over-the-top action at Halloween Horror Nights.”

“SAW is one of the top grossing horror film franchises, and we’re thrilled that the fan-favorite is making its return to ‘Halloween Horror Nights,’” said John Murdy, Creative Director at Universal Studios Hollywood and Executive Producer of “Halloween Horror Nights.” “‘SAW: The Games of Jigsaw’ will encompass the greatest collection of traps featured in all eight SAW movies to bring to life the most twisted SAW maze ever produced, and we can’t wait for our fans to relive moments from the films.”

“We’re excited to bring SAW back to Halloween Horror Nights and to take fans even deeper into the mind of ‘Jigsaw,’” said Charles Gray, Show Director for Creative Development, “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Orlando Resort. “Filled with unimaginable horrors from the hit saga and the upcoming film JIGSAW, this maze is truly a trap in itself.”

Created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the SAW film series has ratcheted up tension and invention with each successive film, while rattling millions of nerves worldwide. The eighth film of the powerhouse franchise is scheduled to hit theatres on October 27, 2017 – in its traditional opening weekend slot leading into Halloween. JIGSAW is written by Josh Stolberg & Peter Goldfinger and directed by The Spierig Brothers

Universal Studios’ “Halloween Horror Nights” is the ultimate Halloween event. For more than 20 years, guests from around the world have visited Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood and Orlando to become victims inside their own horror film. The streets of each coast’s event are transformed into highly-themed scare zones where menacing “scare-actors” lunge from every darkened corner. Multiple movie-quality haunted houses are erected throughout the event, based on everything from iconic slasher films to hit horror television series to haunting original stories.

Additional details about Universal Studios’ “Halloween Horror Nights” will be revealed soon. For more information about Halloween Horror Nights at either Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Orlando Resort, visit

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  • Eric you

    now we have jigsaw lets play his games and see if we live or die another reveal could be on its way i think one more intellectual property is coming a mashup of horror movies by Blu m house productions and then the big full reveal of the original houses, scare zones, and shows maybe even a surprise never before seen grim reaper like icon coming soon.

  • Eric you

    well let me see we have shining, ash vs evil dead, saw, and american horror we also have bill and teds excellent farewell tour show now let us have the reveals of the original houses and scare zones plus the other intellectual property house and academy of villains officially comes back.

  • Eric you

    i wonder if also we get that final intellectual property of Jason Blu m’s most popular horror movies, original houses, scare zones, academy of villains and the soul collectors backstory to tie in this years general theme of death. let us see if tomorrow would be that day or 25 days until opening night or 22 days before opening night or 20 days or 16 days before opening night.

  • Eric you

    my guess is tomorrow we could see that Jason Blu m house of horrors mashup of horror films, the original houses scare zones, maybe roaming mystery hordes, icon lady death or iniquitous or original grim reaper type mascot or even the deadlier seven sins due to that angels and demons house featuring them hmm.

  • Eric you

    if everything goes similar to today tomorrow could be another surprise reveal the fifth intellectual prop maze or house would come along with the four original houses five scare zones and the academy of villains comes back with a brand new exclusive show for Orlando or something even better.

  • Eric you

    i still think by tomorrow or in 25 or 22 or 20 or 16 days before opening night we will have everything revealed could just be my crazy mind once again but so far on Monday and Tuesday we had saw and bill and ted coming to this years Halloween horror nights. if i am correct maybe the Jason Blu m house of horrors, bayou of blood dead waters, harvest of souls, vampire hive houses,and angels and demons are next scare zones might be purge, festival of the dead, science fiction 50’s alien creatures, trick or treat, and our soul collectors or icon scare zone plus academy of villains are next.