Universal Cancels Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure Show

This is likely the saddest thing I’ve had to report on in my years of HHN. Yesterday morning Universal Orlando announced that Bill and Ted would return this year for their farewell tour. There has already been tons of speculation as to why the show is ending, some involve the demolition of Fear Factor Live while others just say their time has come and gone. Either way, it’s the end of an era and thankfully they are getting a proper send off. It’s been a good run, we’ve shared many laughs and incredible stories over the years. Despite their crazy antics and occasional jabs, they have always preached a real message, telling us to “Be Excellent To Each Other” and it rings true even today. Party on dudes. We are absolutely going to miss you guys.

I had to rewrite this post a couple dozen times through multiple emotions and I figured it would be best if I left it short and sweet. Catch ya later audience dudes! Oh and someone save me a spot at the final show.

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  • Eric you

    i have a feeling that 25 or 22 or 20 or 16 days before opening night we will have our full lineup for this year revealed it is going to be the best year ever if they pull off amazing original concepts this time.

  • Eric you

    we have four weeks til opening night i wonder if we have a icon or not this year would be great if lady death or some kind of grim reaper type mascot is used to tie in this years theme.

  • Eric you

    i still think in 25 or 22 or 20 or 16 days before event opening night for both Orlando and Hollywood that full lineup will come during that time if wrong maybe 11 days before opening night for the first time ever.

  • Eric you

    i so possible deadlines are august 21 or august 24 or august 30 because opening night and when they finally air the television ads and radio ads for this year i hope it is better than last year.

  • Eric you

    another time they could announce all the rest of the houses, scare zones, and the academy of villains or second main show for this year would be around midnight or at 111 am or 222 am or 333 am or 444 am or 555 am est or 12 am est at noon tomorrow could be also sunset or at breakfast time to reveal some surprises.