Its that time again! Auditions

Hoooray!!!! Its time for auditions! Ever wanted to work HHN? Well now's your chance! I was asked about the auditioning process by one of my readers and I wrote a rather lengthy reply, so why let it go to waste. Click here for info on auditioning. and read on for my first hand experience auditioning.

 John D. asked me for Information about working HHN and the auditioning process, this is my reply:

Well, I can't speak first hand because I've never worked HHN. I did
audition last year and they mainly only want people that can work every
night. Its a tough gig too I might add. I know a lot of people who have
worked the event and they all love the job but they all have their own
horror stories. Most include stuff like being punched in the face or
being kicked below the belt, but to horror enthusiasts, thats a small
price to pay. Keep an eye out on the auditions website, they typically
have auditions in coming months.(or now…) You will want to go to the first
audition because more positions are available. If you don't get picked
the first round, head back the next week. I'd also stress getting to
auditions early. If the audition is scheduled at 6pm, plan on getting
there around 2pm at the latest. There will be a long line. Also,
because of the lovely weather in FL, you will want to bring an umbrella
and sunscreen. If you are lucky you can wait in a shaded area. Depending
on what time you get there, you might even want to bring a small cooler
while you wait in line. Also, because of the nature of the job and the
economy, they've been getting some really strange people auditioning
(people that will annoy the crap out of you while waiting in line.) so
bring something to occupy yourself so that they will leave you alone.
You may go as far as bringing a folding chair to wait. You are basically
waiting outside on the sidewalk and can park somewhat close to where
you wait. Its also easier to audition with a friend so that someone can
save your spot in line while nature calls or when its time to pack up
and take a trip to the car.

As far as what to expect for the audition? They pretty much hire
anyone who fits the body type for the role they are casting, so the
audition process is rather short and sweet. Because of the large number
of people waiting in line, they assign everyone a numbered sticker. The sticker isn't anything special, but because you are numbered, it makes
it easier for them to break the large mass of people into groups. They
typically take about 20 people in at a time. You fill out a basic
application as if you were to be hired by a fast food joint, name,
address, social security and some other basic information such as height
and weight, nothing special. They then take your picture and attach it
to your application. At this point they sit you in a nice air
conditioned room where you fill out another form. This form asks for
your availability and some questions as to why you want to work the
event. From my understanding they may or may not read any of it other than availability. I think
the other questions are only there to keep you busy while you wait in
the room. The room usually has a lot of people in it filling out this
form. After about 20 minutes someone will pop their head in and call out
some numbers. Typically the 20 you were with earlier, but some strays
make it too. At this point the group is taken to what appears to be a
dance studio with mirrors on all of the walls. There is a table in the
front of the room where some familiar faces (Art and Design) sit and
look at you. Your group is then split into 4 rows of 5 or similar. They interview
one row at a time, one person at a time, in front of everyone from right
to left (in my case anyways).  The person running the audition then
gives you some basic instructions on how the interview will go. When I
went they instructed us, when it was our turn, to take a step forward
and then state our name and scream at the top of our lungs our favorite
movie. Some people get really into it and may startle you, but I stress that you DO NOT TOUCH THE TABLE. Once the row is completed the front row
would then move to the back and the 2nd row would then move forward
becoming the first. Once everyone has auditioned, you exit the room and
wait outside with your group in the hot sun or rain. About 10 minutes later they
call out the numbers of people who made it and split your group in two.
The people who made it go one way with a leader and the people who
didnt make it go another way with a different leader. They are then
informed about their status. This is done to somehow make it private,
even though its clearly obvious what has happened. In the group of
outkastz, they are offered to apply for a job in costuming. Some go on desperately and apply for the
position, others are encouraged to audition again next week.

Yes, that was probably a boring read, but hopefully someone finds the info useful. Its most likely not 100% accurate since they change some aspects of the auditioning process at will. Its basically a job interview that you don't have to prepare for so don't stress over it. Also, I wrote that around 1:30am, so don't be too harsh!

Chad Burton

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