Latest Rumor: Penn & Teller to return for HHN 26

Dying for the latest HHN information? Fresh from the rumor mill, we have been told that it’s possible we will see another Penn & Teller house this year for HHN26.

You may remember the last time we had the Emmy nominated duo grace us with their presence at HHN in 2012 when they new(kd) Las Vegas in 3D. The maze was exactly what you’d expect. The standard 3D deal with what I will always call “clown-o-vision” glasses and florescent paint. It was loaded with the typical sites you’d see in Vegas but with lots of radioactivity.

Like most 3D mazes, you really don’t expect to see them again. So what was so special that Penn & Teller would return?  It seems we get a 3D house every year with or without Penn & Teller. Let that sink in. They’re going to do the same style house anyways and from what I could tell the relationship between the parties was a success. It makes business sense to put a big name on it. Not to mention Penn & Teller are quite the brand themselves. For bonus points, Penn delivers great speeches at the Media event. I’ll never forget Penn taking the mic and watching Tom Schroder’s face wince when Penn started swearing. Never gets old, good times.

On to the proof! Heads up, its a long read, sorry!

I caught myself watching the master illusionist’s new show, “Penn & Teller: Fool Us,” about a month back and was curious if I should see their show on my annual trip to Vegas. A little back story here, I attend a conference in Vegas every year and for like 3 years it was held at the Rio, the home of their infamous stage show. One of the main track rooms was Penn & Teller’s theater. So I’d frequently go inside the massive theater and it was just freaking cool.  Because the conference was occupying the theater, they weren’t doing any shows while I was there. SOOO I’ve subjected myself to lesser shows like the likes of Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos or whatever he calls himself now, I think he goes by Criss Angel, but it doesn’t matter. It just wasn’t Penn & Teller.

The TLDR version is I’ve been in their theater and I’ve seen them at HHN, but should I see their show? It’s a good question. Good enough to where I asked @PennJillette on twitter. The response wasn’t what I expected. He says “I don’t know” which caught me off guard. It did trigger a response from Mike Aiello (@horrornightsorl) Saying “I’ll be there!!!” Which was also odd. I know the guys in A&D would love to tell us everything, but they obviously can’t until things are official.  Then it got weirder, Penn & Teller were in Orlando the very next day. The kicker is they were JUST hanging out with HHN alum John Landis, also a Tom Schroder nightmare, and oddly Ron Jeremy the night before. Here is my timeline:

The last part there…. while the Ron Jeremy tweet seems hilarious, it adds credibility to the story. At a party with John Landis and Penn & Teller the day before a trip to Orlando and Ron Jeremy just happens to tweet at Mike? It would appear the group must have been talking during their party and in my opinion, all but official at this point. Could be wishful thinking, either way I can’t wait!

Chad Burton

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