Universal Announces Original Houses for HHN27

After what feels like forever, Universal Orlando has announced the remainder of their house lineup, the originals. They were also kind enough to release a couple pictures from inside these houses and the sets look massive! Here is what is rounding out the lineup.

Dead Waters

Much like Saws N’ Steam: Into the Machine from 2011, this is a scarezone turned into a haunted houses. This time we’ve converted the 2014 street “Bayou of Blood” into a full attraction. Enter the swamp of the Voodoo queen and try your best to escape.

The Fallen

This is the war of the ages, angels vs demons, good vs bad, light vs dark, and we are in the middle of it. The Fallen are the demons who have crawled up from the depths of hell and apparently they can fly. So expect The Fallen to all around you in this maze.


1980s vampires! These aren’t the twilight-esque vampires you see on TV. The bloodthirsty nest of vampires from the decaying house of 19 Hemingway Lane Carey, Ohio are ready to be awakened. It’s rumored that all scareactors in this maze have been asked to shave their heads!

Scarecrow: The Reaping

At an abandoned depression-era farmhouse in Nebraska, farmers attempting to harvest are met with scarecrow guardians who have risen and are there for revenge. The only harvest that will be reaped is you.

There you have it, the originals of HHN27. Halloween Horror Nights runs select nights September 15th – November 4th. Tickets are on sale now.

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  • Eric you

    it is almost time to celebrate the festival of the deadliest all our times will come soon do not fear the reapers your souls are requested join us soon but beware a storm is brewing.

  • Eric you

    i think the main icon will be some of grim reaper i just call it Joseph Blackstone who makes a deal with the devil to become immortal but must become death itself to harvest souls forever.

  • Eric you

    another original fan made icon concept is bloody bones a ancient source of all that is evil this entity has risen and its claws have spread throughout universal studios Orlando Florida resort he is the host of the festival of the deadliest do not fear him he is the reaper and he is coming after us all.

  • Eric you

    i guess bloody bones and his minions need to get busy tonight or later today to put up some new props around the park to get everything ready tomorrow i think is Orlando’s team member preview night but today is Hollywood’s preview night just to be clear.

  • Eric you

    i think in about one or two hours from now Hollywood will have its cast member preview night for its Halloween horror nights event time to see the houses, the titans of terror tram, urban inferno, toxic tunnel, hell o ween,and whatever the new opening ceremony will be related to hell o ween or something else plus the go go dancers new look and theme.

  • Eric you

    just one hour and 13 minutes left til i think it would be Hollywood California Halloween horror nights preview night it is time to play the best nightmares all come to life soon.

  • Eric you

    just 58 minutes left to cast member preview for the west coast Halloween horror nights event at Hollywood California beware the monsters are coming out to haunt your worst nightmares will come to life very soon.

  • Eric you

    just 40 min left to enter the chaos of the preview night here in Hollywood California for Halloween horror nights cannot wait to see what is up on YouTube, Facebook, twitter, Instagram to see what is going on.

  • Eric you

    now we have just 24 min left beware all hell is unleashed into our world for cast member preview at universal studios Hollywood California Halloween horror nights.

  • Eric you

    just 12 min or less to experience the sheer terror at Hollywood California universal studios Halloween horror nights cast member only preview begins boo ha ha ha.