Maze Announcement: The Horrors of Blumhouse for HHN27

As predicted, Universal has blessed us with a maze based on the films by the current powerhouse of recent horror movies, Blumhouse. This year, we get to experience Sinister, Insidious, and The Purge. Given that Blumhouse Productions is home to many horror franchises, I’m sure it was tough decision to just pick the few that we will get to see, but hopefully it means we will get a sequel in the years to come. We’ve seen The Purge and Insidious at Horror Nights in years past and Insidious was by far the fan favorite. Even though we’ve already experienced these mazes in the past, they are absolutely bringing new never before seen elements to the maze this year. Universal has announced that they will be including Insidious: Chapter 4 in the maze and the movie isn’t even out yet! The movie is set to release in January. This maze will be located next to MIB (where Chance was for HHN26)

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  • Eric you

    now we have four original houses coming i think later today or tomorrow is a good time we also have one final box on the soul collectors page that is locked for now but when it opens something terrible will be unleashed.

  • Eric you

    now tomorrow is perfect to reveal the last four original houses angels, demons, scarecrows, vampires, and voodoo are about to come to life the best nightmares never end.

  • Eric you

    still waiting for vampires to rise from their graves, scarecrows, grim reapers aka the elite soul collectors, a battle between angels and demons, and dark magic voodoo i hope today or tomorrow or 11 days before event opening night we get something wicked this way comes.

  • Eric you

    looks like either tonight at midnight est or tomorrow will be the very last update for this year beware your worst nightmares will all come to life evil will reign.