RockIt to be open for HHN?

One of the many (speculated) reasons RockIt wasn't open during HHN last year is that parts of the track are directly above some of the sound-stage house queue lines, and this is a safety issue. Today, a permit has popped up online that appears to be for the installation of a safety net. Where the net will go (on the coaster) hasn't been determined yet. RockIt, being the "crowd pleaser" that it is, would easily help clear the streets with a full queue during HHN. With this installation, guests (and team members for that matter) would presumably be able to safely gain access to these areas that were deemed unsafe last year while the ride is in operation. Although the net does make things safer, its not a 100% guarantee that RockIt will be open for HHN.

Here is the permit for those who wish to pick at the details.

Chad Burton

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