Rumors and Updates

I've been working on the site a bit recently. It needed it. You might have noticed a few new pages. The "Add Me" page and the "Chat" page. They are quite obvious as to what they are. Add Me contains some various size banners that can be spammed around the internet. The Chat pages contains well….a chatroom. The chatroom may seem familiar, that's because its the same chat software that HHNVault.com uses. I know most users of that chat software don't particularly like it. I will say that Vault uses version 5 and I use version 6. All of the issues users were experiencing on Vault have been fixed. HHNRumors is now officially on Twitter! So be sure to follow me!

I guess the title says Rumors and Updates…. better include some of those. As I had mentioned previously – Shows would be switched up. Here is the update! I was told that B&T would be getting a queue, a more advanced stage and wouldn't be dumping near any houses. The "Good Doctor" (also known as Charles) had heard a rumor of B&T being moved to T2:3D. Both of these "Rumors" line up. I'd expect to see this happen. So that is the update.

On to the Rumor! This just pretty much goes along with the shows being switched up. Unfortunately this doesn't apply to all shows though. The rumor floating around is that there will be multiple casts for B&T  thus allowing them to do shows back to back.

Another rumor is that there will be mini shows and photo opportunities with icons going on throughout the park.  Not so much a rumor,  but I'll report it.

Chad Burton

Hello, My name is Chad and I run HHNRumors. I'm a self described super fan of all things HHN. I've managed some high profile theme park blogs in the past, even been on the news for breaking stories. Yet, none of it compared to some fresh HHN Rumors.