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There have been some other rumors I thought I'd share. They aren't so much about the event but actually pre-event. As many know, the biggest problem Uni has the last few months before HHN is construction break-ins and people sneaking around backstage where they don't belong. Everyone will tell you its a bad idea, yet it happens every year. From Uni's stand point, its a huge risk as far as safety and insurance and all that crap, but they know its going to happen anyways.

 What is Uni to do? They've tried adding extra security and still no success. They tried letting Bill & Ted fill the void by breaking in – was neat, but it still happened.  What else can they do? The best idea yet! Construction Tours. This would allow Uni to charge guests who have no patience to go on a hard hat tour through some of the houses. Everyone wins. Uni can then control everything that has hurt them in the past. Its safe, they can control what leaks, and they make a quick buck. I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened sooner.


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Chad Burton

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