The latest gossip

Although permits haven't been filed and code names haven't been gathered yet I've been hearing a lot of talk about this being a reunion year.

Rumor status – Confirmed

Of course this is going to be a reunion year. Just how will they go about it? Here is my take – each year was something special, something different that made that year stand out, good or bad. Why not stuff all of that into a house. Granted with 10 houses and 20 years of stuff that could be difficult. I know that a lot of houses were duplicated over the years and a lot were revamped. I'm not sure how they will go about it but it seems possible. 


Themed Queues -The most boring and most fun (in some cases) part of HHN, the dreaded queue lines. 

Rumor status – Rumor

 Uni prides itself on giving its guests the complete atmosphere once they enter the park. It seems all is lost once you step foot into a queue line. How could that be resolved? Put scareactors in the queues and make them themed like the house. (Somewhat like mummy queue, it keeps the atmosphere while you wait)

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