The calm before the storm

This has been the slowest week for rumors since we opened back in March. This isn't a bad thing though. There has been all sorts of speculation about the event on various forums. One thing that stands out is a clue from JMR himself.

"Everything was planned
from the beginning and YOU "reap what you sow"."

 That could mean a lot of things but it sticks true to the family tree theme.  However, Roddy thinks things have changed since his departure.  This could be true, I can't help but remember pretty much every member of A&D saying at one point in time that it takes about 18 months to plan the event. There is no way things could have been 100% changed since then, especially if "Everything was planned from the beginning…" 

In other news, things that should be popping up in the next few weeks:

  • Permits from the City of Orlando (Code names we obtained May 18th last year)
  • Permits from the Orange County Comptroller (Doesn't ever say much, but its a start)
  • Official Park Hours (Usually this is our first official information)
  • Teaser site (typically end of May/early June) 

So expect to see this stuff soon. Is it just me or does it seem like they are running behind this year? I guess it's understandable with Potter opening soon. I expect a flood of rumors/confirmed information after the grand opening.

Chad Burton

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