Thoughts on the HHN Website Update


For those hiding under a rock, the HHN website updated yesterday. Also thanks to everyone who sent this in!

So now what? Time to dig into the new site! As many have learned from past websites, it can be decompiled and broken down to show hidden things. That isn't what this is about, I'm writing a review! Well, sorta. I'm writing about a particular experience that can be given to a new user.

The game, which can be found here: http://hhn21game.com, has the same graphic appeal as past HHN websites. It's not the most flashy but it definitely reminds me of the 2007 site. Lets start from the beginning, you are given the option to "Step In" or "Turn Back". It displays some doors and a chair, my first thought was "this doesn't look like a casino." So what is it? Why am I given this option?

So obviously, you "Step In." Now we get to see what is inside… Wait, we are being forced to sign up/log in. Oh, it has facebook, this will be quick! Wrong, this has been reported broken. Let me try an email address that contains a "_" (ex:chad_b@spam.com) Denied. Guess I'll have to go create another email. Most would give up right here, but luckily I have other emails to try and I really want in the site. So finally I'm signed up and logged in.

We are finally logged in to the site! We are brought to a platter with 3 cards. Random cards at that. We are also given 90 tokens. I find it odd that we aren't dealing in chips, but tokens will work. Without instructions, we pick a card. Oh joy, the phantom card. I'm already down 30 tokens. With 2 cards remaining and 60 tokens left, lets take another chance.(click)

Blue-Ray is the name of the game we are brought to. It shows 3 tombstones (not the pizza) and you are given 1 chance to pick the correct tombstone. To be fair, I'll pretend I haven't played this before. I click the middle one. I'm out 30 more tokens.

Well that sucks! I haven't even seen anything good yet and I'm down to 30 tokens! Well, lets pick another card and try again. Are you freakin kidding me?!? Another phantom card?!? It gets worse? I'm banished for an hour?!?

Forget it, it was a hassle just to get where I was and I'm on a tight schedule at work with only a 15 minute break. Guess I won't be playing the games.

So maybe I was a little dramatic, but that is a 100% possible scenario on the current version of the website. It appears that these games of chance are geared so that the house always wins (Big surprise there) but has this concept ruined the experience that the website has always given us in the past? Some say yes, some say no. Others have 15 accounts on the website just so they can play the games. What's your take? Sound off in the comments.

Chad Burton

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