Fedex Arrived…at my old house. HHN23 Media Teaser

HHN23 Media Teaser Gift

For the past few years, Fedex would come knocking on my door delivering the craziest things from Universal to my door step. Thankfully they come in a unmarked box and the delivery driver doesn’t think I’m crazy. However, I forgot to update my address with Universal and the result was my media gift being sent to my old house.

Thankfully, my old house hasn’t sold yet and/or no one is renting it so we were able to drive by and snatch it up. But imagine if we were too late and the would-be homeowner decided to open it, I don’t think words could express their confusion? I would love to see that. I picture it playing out something like “Oh a package from NBCUniversal, I wonder if it’s a movie prop or tickets to the park, etc.” Then they proceed to open it up and it turns into a “OMG! I NEED TO CALL THE COPS” kind of moment. Then I guess they’d bury it in their yard.

Unfortunately I don’t have the unboxing video online yet, but I do have a picture. I’ll have the video later! HHN23 opens at Universal Studios on the 20th and we’ll be there documenting everything we can. Also, we will have coverage from the Employee Preview event that takes place tonight! So be sure to follow us on Twitter @HHNRumors

Chad Burton

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