HHN 25 Permits Reveal House Code Names

It’s that time again! PERMITS!!!

After a couple years of being nearly impossible to find or requiring some social engineering, we have found the HHN permits yet again! Thanks to our pals at the fire department, we were given the project names for each of the 9 locations. Remember, projects names are “coded” names so that we can’t figure it out as easily (remember 2008?) anyways, here is what we have so far. I’ve paired them with what we believe the house will be based on earlier leaks.

  • HHN SS24B ROUND 2 – Freddy vs Jason
  • HHN SS24A BLIZZARD – Original
  • HHN SS22 HARRY – American Werewolf in London
  • HHN SP1 REBOOT – Scream
  • HHN SP2 BEYOND – Insidious
  • HHN B79 DYNASTY – Hallow’d Past 2
  • HHN SHREK PARTY – Alice in Wonderland 3D (not yet posted but confirmed via Twitter)
  • HHN SS21 -DINNER – The Walking Dead

UPDATED: ALL HOUSE CODE NAMES ARE POSTED. “Dinner” comes from a tip received anonymously. Supposedly from auditions. Reminder: Only the code names are official.

Chad Burton

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