HHN26 Review: Opening Night at Universal Orlando

Halloween Horror Nights 26 at Universal Orlando is now open! I was given the opportunity to check it out opening night at the media event. I was able to do most everything while on a RIP tour however, I’ll need to return again to check out the rest. So, here is my review of opening night. You won’t stand a chance.

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    For me this was my personal “requel” since I was able to enjoy the 2007 event. The detail in 2007 was a bit more limited due to being placed in the Disaster queue. This year that wasn’t an issue since the maze takes place in one of the sprung tents. The facade was the Hewitt house from the movie and I want to say it was to scale. From there, you are on your own as Leatherface chases you throughout the house and even past the exit. There are a few live chainsaws but majority are SFX but it surprisingly doesn’t take away from it.

  • American Horror Story

    I’m a huge fan of AHS so my review might be biased just a tad. There isn’t any one facade in the house that you won’t recognize. Outside the maze is a MASSIVE AHS billboard to set the mood all while they are blasting the creepy theme song. Everything is in the house and I don’t want to give away much but you do get to take a trip through Twisty’s bus… while he’s in it! Gave me the chills.

  • The Walking Dead

    Talk about a house that won’t go away! This house was what they all should have been in the first place, a greatest hits from all of the seasons. From “Don’t open dead inside” all the way through the barn, Terminus, and unfortunately it doesn’t reveal who died. Beware, walkers everywhere

  • The Exorcist

    Hands down the scariest movie ever made. The house is no exception. It’s clear it took some real creativity to create a maze that takes place mostly in a single bedroom. They don’t skip a beat either, all of the iconic scenes are given the spotlight. Every sensation including smell will immerse you deep within this maze.

  • Halloween: Hell Comes To Haddonfield

    They weren’t kidding when they said it picks up right where the old house left off. It’s the exact same scene with Michael getting shot. We all know that couldn’t stop him, but it did keep him out of the TV commercial for this year’s event. Much like the first house, this is a must do. Expect long lines, but I promise it’s worth it.

  • Krampus

    If there ever was a house where the movie could have been filmed in the maze, this is it. It’s perfect and makes the movie come to life. You get everything including a trip into the attic all while coming face to face with Krampus. Seriously watch the movie.

  • Ghost Town: The Curse of Lightning Gulch

    The actual requel. The attention to detail is on a new level. Caution, you will get wet. The technical effects are technically unreal. You will see ghosts. You will be blinded by the light. In a word, intense.

  • Lunatic’s Playground 3D: You won’t stand a chance!

    I always love the 3D house. Much like all of the 3D houses we are given 3D glasses (clown-o-vision for the fans) and we are subjected to a distorted reality with ultra bright colors that are meant to disorient you. I really enjoy anything that includes the vortex so that plus Chance is hard to lose. Thankfully, the B&T exiting crowd isn’t allowed to go directly to the house so thankfully it’s not horribly crowded.

  • Tomb of the Ancients

    Original houses always seem to try something new. This is no exception. Tomb of the Ancients takes you deep into a dark tomb with very tight twisting pathways with low ceilings to force a more intimate and up close and personal environment. The scares in this house (there are many) don’t give you time to react, it’s too late by the time you see them.

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