NEW FOR HHN28: The Horrors Of Blumhouse featuring The First Purge and Happy Death Day

JUST ANNOUNCED: The Horrors of Blumhouse to return to HHN28. The new haunted house will feature two new Blumhouse classics: The First Purge and Happy Death Day. In Happy Death Day, the horror equivalent of Groundhog Day, you’ll get to follow along a college girl who is stuck in the never-ending loop of the day she is murdered. In The First Purge you are trapped on Staten Island for a government experiment where there are no laws for 12 hours. You’ll come face to face with all sorts of characters from the new movie, including Skeletor!

Also announced for HHN Hollywood, The Horrors of Blumhouse maze on the West coast will include Unfriended and Truth or Dare. I’m most interested to see how they’ll manage to pull these off as the entire Unfriended movie is a screen capture of a computer screen. Truth or Dare places you into a game where if you don’t do the dare or tell the truth someone dies. Seems like a challenge to convert those stories into a house but I’m sure they’ll be amazing. Props for the added difficulty!

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