House 9 of 10 has just been revealed! Graveyard Games, the newest house announcement from Universal Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights 29 (2019). Let’s dive into it with a snippet of the press release:

“Enter the gates of a cemetery in the dead of night, where disrespectful teens have awakened vengeful spirits. Ghosts rise to torment those who disturbed them. Skeletal beings send fear into your bones. The rictus smiles of ghastly apparitions match the screams frozen on your face. Don’t be caught dead here after dark.”

Finally a loosely themed graveyard spooky. This house, while it might seem cheesy, will likely get very dark. Despite the more or less cliche graveyard theme of the house, I expect this house to have an extremely high scare factor.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando runs select nights September 6 through November 2. Graveyard Games will join Stranger Things and Ghostbusters plus more for this year’s event. Tickets are on sale now. Check out for more info and tickets!

Chad Burton

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