Just announced by Universal for Orlando and Hollywood, Jordan Peele’s horror-themed blockbuster, Us, to join the haunted house line-up for Halloween Horror Nights 2019.

In the house you’ll join Adelaide Wilson as she visits the Santa Cruz Pier and comes face to face with her tether, who has found her way to the surface. For the uninitiated, a tether is essentially your doppleganger or your double, and everyone has one. The tethered were created by humans to control their counterparts on the surface, they live in an underground facility overrun by rabbits. We begin to see more and more of the tethered escaping from the shadows and killing off their doppelgangers. The tethered are ready to break free and live their own life and you are in their way.

HHN Orlando runs select nights September 6 – November 2. Tickets are currently on sale at Jordan Peele’s “Us” will join 9 other haunted houses, including Stranger Things and Ghostbusters, as well as 5 yet to be announced scare zones and a live show at this year’s event.

HHN Hollywood begins on September 13th. Tickets and more information can be found at

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Chad Burton

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