The Purge to return for HHN25

Today Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood have announced that the annual Purge will be commencing at this year’s Horror Nights. This time, in Orlando, we will be living The Purge and trying to survive our very own “Purge Night” as we venture into the maze. Dozens of masked killers will be out to cleanse their souls as they are entitled.  In Hollywood, guests will have to “Survive The Purge” while on the Terror Tram, which sounds pretty cool to me.

One can only speculate as to what happened with “SCREAM” but hopefully some light will be shed in the near future. For now, all we know is that SCREAM has been Purged.

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  • eric you

    i hope the other five houses and the five new scare zones are really good if rumors are true the next houses are american werewolf in London, icon house, blizzard body collectors shady brook psycho scare therapy house, Alice in wonderland 3-D maze , and run 3 house. then the scare zones are steam punk scary tales, psycho scare therapy fall festival, origins of Halloween with tricks and treats, icon scare zone, and all night classic black and white horror meets modern color horror movies. then we might see roaming hordes that will cover the entire universal studios Orlando Florida park for this year’s Halloween event. then the two shows are bill and ted excellent Halloween adventure and maybe jack’s nightmare circus from Singapore’s event come to the united states.

  • eric you

    i also love to see a mini show like a costume contest and the opening ceremony to feature jack the clown and his new army of maniacs unleash chaos and mayhem onto the world.

  • Eric You

    i hope universal studios Orlando Florida releases all their information very soon before the end of this month maybe even later tomorrow, Monday, or on august 25th since one last video clip will be revealed also.

  • Eric you

    there is nothing funny about a clown by moonlight you ready to be jacked up hey you guys who are not cheering in the back if you are not here to have fun then get the hell out it is time to think outside of the box you think you know me you do not know jack why the long faces you seem afraid of me well the moon is afraid of me i get a grin again your mama is so fat i made beef jerky out of her see hey there friends now do not frown it is time to die with jack the clown jack is back and this time i am in charge i see you do not worry i am still a little bitter about the whole thing but we will square this one off one way or another cast members sense of smell will lead him to any open wound if you are targeted as prey please run like hell i made the news today your time has come i know what evils lurks in the hearts of men ah the smell of death gives you a chill it is even stronger from a fresh kill try to run from me and lose your way i am right behind you here to stay sticks and stones will give me your blood and bones no i am not i do not want to miss anything hush little baby do not say a word daddy going to buy you a mockingbird and if that mockingbird does not fly daddy says it is time to die

  • Eric you

    sorry i do not think that was supposed to happen i felt something weird coming from my head pain is temporary but film is forever they say that film is art film is just not art film is power film is magic but most of all film is a weapon you will never sleep again i do not need any money all i need is you you and your cooperation nothing compares to real blood on film it is the only way it is the only way to really capture the emotion and fear of reality in what the victim is feeling it tells the story truthfully this motivation is the key my actors get only one take it is a short take you ought to be in pictures well you might say that fear has given me budget for my latest film and we are beginning a new casting call tonight for my 25 years in show business why do you not come on down to see my latest production. well accuse me that was my director for the new film i am starring in i need your help join me September 18 to November 1 2015.

  • Eric you

    once upon a nightmare remember the moral of the story one mans treasure is another man’s pain kill her mommy kill her good evening moviegoers and welcome to the grand reopening of the universal palace theater today we have some classics and new modern films to show you buy some tickets and let me usher into a new fresh experience will never forget tickets please broken rules you might get broken necks i am fear i am inside all of you and i demand more i crave your absolute horror and i shall have it you are now mine you shall face me you shall bear my mark 24 years 24 cycles it is the 25th cycle i am the darkness of your shadow i crave the screams you hold inside for years chaos, death, sacrifice, legend, vengeance,and fate have led the way i demand more this is not about the past only the future i am getting closer soon you will be in my grasp and i shall relish the echoes of your cries i have remained as merely legend for far too long a new era of darkness shall now be ushered in taking my playthings from inside the box and receive their willing sacrifice before me no things created unless eternal and i am eternal it is the 25th cycle your fate is sealed i wait no longer no rhyme no reason no escape no happy endings no one to save you as the light flashes and fades from your eyes you shall be in my grasp what has been tradition shall forever be changed face me soon.

  • Eric you

    i would like to introduce myself i bring you choice and fate i have been with you since time began when temptation tested faith i was there when man first served up on golden plate he had his choice and made it all i did was wait some find my ways puzzling the purpose of my games but is so simple really i am a lady through and through and luck is my last name join me for my new games soon.