The Walking Dead Returns for HHN 24

For starters, I’d like to say thanks to Art and Design for listening to their fans. You can clearly see how enthusiastic and excited Mike is to share about the return.

So what does this mean? A new year, another season of AMC’s top rated The Walking Dead. What’s not to like?  Universal announced that they will be partnering with AMC yet again to bring the amazing series back for another haunted maze at HHN 2014.

I’m all for it. However, there are quite a few fans that would likely disagree and I’ve got a nice dark corner for them to sit in until they change their mind. Honestly though, if we didn’t have The Walking Dead we would likely end up with something along the lines of Night of The Living Dead, which isn’t bad either.

But wait, there’s more! Universal is also promising that this will be the largest haunted house with the most amount of scareactors to date. Let me just stop right there and let you read that again. It’s ok, I’ll wait. Not only is Universal bringing the biggest name in the horror scene back to HHN, they are completely doing it justice and throwing lots of money at it. Don’t Believe the hype!

The Walking Dead returns for it’s highly anticipated 5th season this October and you’ll be able to experience it in person at HHN24 select nights starting September 19 – November 1.

Chad Burton

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